О проекте

Рижская гимназия «Золитуде» участвует в проекте „The Miracle of Reading” в рамках программы Nordplus Junior 2015.

В проекте принимают участие школьники и учителя, а также их родители из четырёх государств: Латвия, Литва, Швеция и Исландия.

Название проекта говорит само за себя - „The Miracle of Reading” («Чудеса чтения») Целью проекта является развить и углубить навыки чтения детей на родном и иностранных языках.

Ведь чтение – это:

  • окошко, через которое дети видят и познают самих себя;
  • универсальный способ развития познавательных и речевых способностей ребёнка;
  • это то, с помощью чего дети изучают большинство учебных предметов;
  • мощное средство воспитания нравственных качеств и развития эстетических чувств.

В рамках проекта школьники не только читают, но и участвуют в различного рода мероприятиях (написание писем, участие в конференциях, театральные мини-постановки, викторины, посещение библиотек, и т.д.).

План проведения проекта:

Август – проведение организационных мероприятий (создание рабочих групп учителей, планирование мероприятий проекта, проведение конференций по skype)

Сентябрь – начало работы. Организация групп учащихся, принимающих участие в проекте, выбор книг для прочтения, сотрудничество с партнерами проекта, проведение конференций по skype по обмену опытом проведенной работы (какие книги школьники выбрали, какая литература и почему их заинтересовала).

Октябрь – учащиеся заканчивают прочтение книг. Презентация прочитанного материала (рисунки, краткое изложение, базовые понятия, основная мысль, проблемы и т.д), анализ и рекомендации, почему именно эти книги интересно будет прочитать другим. Проходит активная работа в группах.

Запланирована поездка 2 учителей для обмена опытом в Швецию.

About project

Riga Zolitude Grammar School is the winner of the Nordplus grant and the coordinating institution of the project 'The Miracle of Reading' with three other partnership countries: Lithuania, Iceland and Sweden.

The name of this project explains its main aim – to develop and deepen the skills of reading in native and foreign languages.
We all know that reading can be described as
- a window through which children see and learn about themselves and the world;
- unique method to develop speaking and learning skills of a child;
- a tool through which children learn the majority of school subjects;
- powerful mean of upbringing children, of teaching them moral qualities and developing esthetic feelings.

During the project students are not only reading but also taking part in different activities (letter writing, conferences, theatre mini-performances, visits to libraries, internet quests, presentations, etc.)


August – organizational activities (creation of teachers working groups, making plans of activities, arranging skype conferences)

September – the start of work on the project. Arranging groups of students, who will take part in the project. Students health conditions and interests are taken into account while choosing students for work in the project. Choosing the books to be read, cooperation with project's partners, skype conferences and e-mail writing to exchange the experience (books that have been chosen, list of literature and why it would be interesting) and provide some necessary information about the visits and tasks to complete. 


In September Riga Zolitude Grammar School students took part in exciting lessons and discussed the books they read. The questions of respect, justice, kindness and equality were raised. Students made a film about their favourite books, created posters and wrote feedback on stories.

In Maths lessons the teacher also helped to foster students’ reading skills through reading text-based tasks. Students had to analyse the problems and find correct solutions.

October - the students continue reading books. For a fun way to encourage students to read, a comprehension technique made to satisfy visual learners. It’s imaginative, artistic, and uses movie-making visualization to get students to feel excited about reading. So Latvian students are making video while reading. The results of work are presentations of the material (drawings, short description, base meanings, ideas, problems etc), analysis and recommendations, why these books have to be read by others. Students are actively involved in group work. Having math’s lessons students are ought to pay more attention to the task analysis in order to solve the task, so students were made to be active while working on solving various mathematical tasks through analysis of read materials. Moreover, students had some additional tasks on regular theme check at English lessons where for practicing and checking their knowledge special handouts (on the topic family and possessive pronouns) were created by the teacher where reading skills were actively used and trained. Within the social studies lessons students worked hard on the topic of moral and ethics on the basis of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s masterpiece The Little Prince.

November - 2 teachers are planning to visit Sweden as a part of exchange activity in order to gain some experience in developing students will and interest to read more. A presentation about a school and the list of some methodological issues are being made. A visit programme for Iceland group is being planned by the teachers.

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Visit to Gotheborg Sweden

From 16th to 20th of November two teachers (Olga Krukovska and Nataly Osipova) visited an adorable place in Sweden  - the city of Gotheborg. A lot of interesting and amazing facts were introduced to the teachers by our collegues from Sweden. The most significant places in the cenre of the city and several  school lessons (Craft, English, Chemistry) were attended as well as they had a chance to be the members of Family lifts’ meeting where they got the experience on how our Swedish collegues solve problems of students sharing attitudes with their parents. 

Covered Activities in 2015/2016

Project ‘The Miracle of Reading’
Project ID - NP JR-2015/10176
Covered Activities in 2015/2016

Teachers from Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania and Sweden started the project ‘The Miracle of Reading’ to share experiences on the methods and forms of developing students’ skills, especially drawing attention to reluctant readers. Another major goal of the project was to research and observe how educators from different European countries work with students with learning difficulties. As a surplus to the major goals, the project partners were eager to develop students’ social and foreign language skills.


For Latvia as a coordinating country the project started with planning and sharing information among partners, explaining the goals and planning dates and deadlines.
In September the students’ project groups were formed in all partnership schools. Teachers and students started working on the project activities.

The activities students were able to take part in:

  • Pen friendship – writing letters and emails to students of a partnership school in another country (Sweden-Latvia, Latvia – Iceland, Lithuania – Sweden).
  • Reading books (extensive reading) and making a film, where students told their classmates about the story they read). The students will read other stories in April and May, and make a similar video. Then they will watch both videos, comparing their own presentations at the beginning and the end of the school year.
  • Reading and acting out fairy tales – students performed on the stage. The task was given to multicultural groups of students during their stay in Riga.
  • Students made the reading corners in their classrooms.
  • Students were able to develop their reading skills at maths and science lessons though project work activities in Form 7 and Form 9.
  • Students were involved in the group research about Icelanders in Latvia and Latvians in Iceland, they read the information about distances between Latvian and Icelandic towns, drew the maps of both countries, analysed the most comfortable ways to travel.
  • Students learnt that it is possible to express the ideas using a variety of symbols, also digits and numbers.
  • Students explored scientific information about history and universe visiting museums.
  • Students read the historic information about their home towns and conducted excursions, which helped the guests who came to their country, understand the beauty of their motherland. 
  • Students got acquainted with their mates from other countries, had an opportunity to travel to another country (11 Icelandic students + 2 teachers + 1 parent came to Latvia; 11 Latvian students + 3 teachers came to Iceland; 7 Swedish students and 2 teachers came to Lithuania; 10 Lithuanian students and 2 teachers came to Sweden).

Teachers also cooperated efficiently throughout the year:

  • Teachers shared experiences on the methods to develop students’ reading skills.
  • Teachers travelled to other countries with students.
  • Students took part in teacher mobility trips (2 Latvian teachers came to Sweden to acquire experience on organising Family Initiative, 1 Latvian teacher went to Lithuania to observe special educator’s and speech therapist’s work with students who have reading and writing problems, 3 Swedish teachers came to Latvia to observe the methods teachers use to foster students’ with learning difficulties communication at the lessons).
  • Teachers made a Facebook group ‘The Miracle of Reading’. As students, parents and teachers joined the group, it is accessible only through a group member (the teacher should be contacted to join the group). https://www.facebook.com/groups/1637911773155928/ 
  • A platform for project participants was created http://padlet.com/gvendargeisli16/6mbzkbm7t45y 
  • Project website was created https://sites.google.com/a/ostra.goteborg.se/the-miracle-of-reading/home 

Throughout the year teachers organised activities to develop students’ reading skills, implemented new technologies into the educational process, tried to bring education closer to real life.

We are in still in the process of learning together with our students.

Veronika Skripachova

Project coordinator

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Covered Activities in 2015/2016

Project ‘The Miracle of Reading’
Project ID - NP JR-2015/10176

Šiauliai „Juventos“ progymnasium joined the project understanding the importance of reading for the the whole school community: students, parents, teachers and the administration. The focus was put on the students‘ reading not paying attention to what books (language, style, topic, etc) they read. The aim is to raise their reading motivation, develop their native and foreign (English) language, get introduced with some words in Swedish, Latvian, and Icelandic. Teachers are also interested in the project as a tool for exchanging teaching/learning experience, finding out new methods and ways to develop reading skills of the students, especially in inclusive teaching. The school administration seeing students‘ interest in reading also supports and encourages them.


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